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It feels like a really long time since I last did a podcast. Here I am on Spirit Box with Darragh Mason. talking about the inspiration of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger II Down to Earth in my consideration of my landing co-ordinates, a childhood in SE Essex in the 60s. Moving into the 70s takes me into the subject of Hauntology, where I genuinely believe I’ve added something to the topic by riffing on the ‘spectre’ of communism and drawing on my experience writing History and Myth to explain it through the long-held myth of the Golden Age that has haunted European culture and inspired many wild and often doomed Utopian movements. We move thru Glastonbury UFOlogy and end up in the liminal zone of the music scene 30 yrs ago when a 10 min McKenna rap could end up in the pop singles charts. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope some of you might do as well.

This track and specific video gets a mention so here it is—

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