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I am available as a Tour Guide with Avalon of the Heart Tours. There are options all the year round in Glastonbury.

In Avalon of the Heart Dion Fortune wrote ‘that the poetry of the soul writes itself at Glastonbury.’ Soul poetry is a good term for celebrating the numinous charisma of the place. The landscape here can have a profound effect on what might be called the higher emotions, the part of us that can appreciate a work of art, poetry, music. I offer year-round guided walking tours of Glastonbury, full and half-days, for groups and individuals. Connecting with mythology and history, with content adjusted to suit levels of interest. The Glastonbury myths are a work of art. A work of art that is alive and mutable for each new generation but carrying something distinct and eternal. Come and discover this for yourselves.

The Tour

Here is a glimpse of what such a tour usually involves. Use the arrows below to navigate left and right.



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