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I am available as a Tour Guide with Avalon of the Heart Tours.

There are options all the year round in Glastonbury. The place has very distinct moods through the seasons that all communicate its mystique.

Avalon of the Heart Tours

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Here is a glimpse of what such a tour usually involves.

Meet here under the Abbey arch entrance. There are 2 locations on the tour that require an entrance fee that is separate from the tour price. The Abbey is the first and costs £11.00.



We will spend an hour or so in the Abbey. The history and mythology will be brought to life, covering the obvious topics of Joseph of Arimathea and Arthur and moving on to the terrible Dissolution and the rebirth with the psychic archaeology of Frederick Bligh Bond.


On our way from the Abbey to the Magdalene Almshouses and chapel, we will pass the Catholic Church. If it is open, there is an option to see Our Lady of Glastonbury.


The Magdalene Almshouses and Margaret Chapel are one of the lesser-known Glastonbury treasures. The serenity of the little garden and the atmosphere of the chapel are remarkable.

St John’s Church has now reopened after extensive building work. The labyrinth and stained glass window depiction of Joseph of Arimathea alone make it worth a visit.
After a lunch break, the second part of the day is increasingly different and expansive. Chalice Well Gardens has an admission fee of £4.60. We will linger a while there in the many distinct zones in this place of profound peace.
The White Spring is a powerful place that has been known to effect people in very different ways. Some are moved to tears and want to stay for hours. Some find it unnerving and wish to rapidly exit. We will respect whatever your response might be.

The day concludes with time on the Tor. The story of the alleged labyrinth there will be told, as will tales of Gwyn, Lord of the Faery Underworld, the Michael ley, and so on. Weather conditions are so variable that this will determine how long we stay on the summit to appreciate the extraordinary view and atmosphere. If you are interested, we can deal with the topic of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Avalon of the Heart Tours

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