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New Book: The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot.






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In the lead-in to my presentation at the recent Glastonbury Avalon Tarot Conference I wondered if it might be possible to rapidly manifest a short book on my presentation. I’ve been giving public lectures on this material for over twenty years and I have long felt that a book would result eventually. In the midst of crazy circumstances, I managed it.


From the back cover.


The Michael Line,

the Qabalah & the Tarot

is a unique adventure that brings together

the Earth Mysteries, Psychic Questing, magic, art, creativity,

 history, and mythology,

 in a powerful blend that presents

 a transformative way of approaching a sacred landscape.


The Archangel Michael and his Age.

The Paths of the Dragon.

A Maltwood Mystery and the Sun and the Serpent.

The Green Stone and the Lights of Knowledge.

Ancient Egyptians in Britain. A Qabalistic path.

Albion Rising: the 1991 Michael Line Rally.

Landscape tarot and artefact retrieval.

  1. General Election Cycles of Time.

Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune.

  1. Royal Wedding Cross of St George.

Seven Barrows and the Belinus Line.


Graham Phillips, Dion Fortune, Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller,

Rudolf Steiner, John Michell, Aleister Crowley, William Blake,

Andrew Collins, Katharine Maltwood.


Buy the Book on Amazon UK

Buy the Book on Amazon USA


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