Star of Ishtar True Will Self Divination Video Presentation



In 1992, in the midst of a Babylonian past-life saga and the energy blast of initiation into Reiki and Osho Sannyas, I experienced a coming together of all my interests in time and synchronicity into a system of knowledge based on the eightfold wheel of the year that gave me a glimpse of a higher-dimensional form in which the mystery of my true identity resides, the ‘Star of Ishtar’. This is a presentation, given in Glastonbury in January 2017, of that material, full of typical tales, expanding on ideas from previous lectures, which contains many actionable takeaways potentially of use to anyone.
I’m currently writing a book entitled Atargatis. This is a major project, tacking a wide subject range, that attempts to do justice to one of the great adventures of my life. All of the material in the video will be included in the book.
I mention in the talk that listening to a particular track from Ozric Tentacles began the episode at the core of the material so I include it here to enhance the flavour.


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