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Vayse VY0023 Mercurial Mutable Mysterious Something


Here’s a 1hr 44min podcast interview that discusses an intense month in Glastonbury between February and March 2023. How did I end up involved in the scattering of some of the ashes of Courtney Love’s father in the middle of the Glastonbury Zodiac? I discover swastika graffiti a few feet away from Dion Fortune’s old house. Old chestnuts such as the 1990 “Black Magic Murder”, Twin Peaks Glastonbury Grove, and the psychoactive potency of the work of John Cowper Powys assert their ongoing vitality. I discuss Robert Anton Wilson and the modern conspiracism as a contemporary collective Chapel Perilous. The work of the redoubtable John Crow gets a shout-out with tales of how my proximity to it seems to set off some disturbing episodes for me. There are handy make-your-own-icon tips, and tales of saints and kings in Glastonbury Abbey. Quite pleased with this one. Thanks to the Vayse crew for coaxing this mix out of me.

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