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It was a tremendous pleasure to be invited to speak at the Third International Colin Wilson Conference in Nottingham by organiser, Wilson archivist, author Colin Stanley. Being in such good company at what was a superb event brought out the best in me.








As a decades-long Wilsonian, who is hundreds of pages into a writing project on the man, I pondered on what my best option was for a presentation. I was also mindful that I had to fit it into a 30 mins timescale and I’m used to expounding for far longer! I’m happy that I made the right choice and I’m grateful to Zoe Price for filming it and thereby providing the option for others to see it as well. It tells the unusual personal story of the inner dynamic behind the creation of my book The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy and features the library angel, synchronicity, life after death, and the Long Body, the Time Body of Ouspensky. I entitled it The Psychoactive Voltage of Beyond the Occult.










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