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I have recently spoken with Christopher Knowles at some length (over 90 mins)on a wide variety of esoteric concepts for his Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour.

The original interview disappeared from Secret Sun site but a fine fellow (whose name escapes me — please remind me and I’ll give you a namecheck credit) sent me an mp3 recording of it.

Catch it here.

Paul Weston on 2012-03-08 at 15.30

The main theme is probably the effect of landscape on the human psyche. Glastonbury inevitably is cited as a prime example. I also discuss Robert Graves and John Cowper Powys. A few tales of the presence of Aleister Crowley in the history of psychic questing are told and I conclude with the genesis of Andrew Collins book The Cygnus Mystery and how it led to his remarkable discoveries beneath the Giza Plateau.


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