Glastonbury Golgonooza: William Blake, Iolo Morganwg, and the Temple of the Stars.


From Primrose Hill to Glastonbury. William Blake conceived of a visionary city of the imagination, of art and science, that he named, in typically idiosyncratic style, Golgonooza, from Golgos, the skull. This was accessible through the geography of London and had a quaternary structure like the New Jerusalem.
Glastonbury Zodiac exponents Katharine Maltwood and Mary Caine, made use of eccentric antiquarian material familiar to Blake, and the Druidic work of Iolo Morganwg in their exposition of the alleged landscape effigies. Somehow that peculiar blend has cohered with the inscrutable mystery of the enduring potency of our greatest Glastonbury enigma. I examine all of this alongside the 1980s psychic questing adventures of Andrew Collins here to show that a living interactive Glastonbury Golgonooza can be experienced today.

1hr 14 mins. 58 images.