Joseph of Arimathea – History & The Living Glastonbury Mythos


The evolving mythology and enduring potency of Glastonbury’s Joseph of Arimathea stories is a remarkable study. I’ve been immersed in it with both hemispheres of my brain for decades and written about in a number of my books. I respect the history and I love the soul poetry. I engaged with all aspects of this, giving a summary of the timescale through the Middle Ages, with the cult of the Virgin Mary at the Abbey, through the Reformation period, and into the amazingly fertile twentieth century with William Blake’s ‘Glastonbury hymn’ and Dion Fortune from Avalon of the Heart to 1940. With John Michell, Joseph becomes the geometer who founded the Abbey with the New Jerusalem blueprint.

90 mins. Features 91 images and the 5 min video of the speech I wrote for Joseph to perform to a group of Druids as part of the 2022 Royal Jubilee events.