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I recently did a presentation for the Glastonbury Positive Living Group on the life and work of mystical artist explorer Nicholas Roerich who quested in search of Shambhala. His concept of Art for Peace inspired an international pact that influenced Jose Arguelles. His unique odyssey took him from helping to create the legendary Rite of Spring ballet to journeys into Central Asia. I discussed his expansive life and put it into a wider context of the esoteric and political history of the time. There were of course plenty of visuals of his numinous paintings.

It was gratifying to be able to put on such an event on the exact anniversary of his death as the date fell this year on a day that the Glastonbury Positive Living Group were meeting. There was further resonance for me as I put on the same presentation exactly twenty years earlier to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. I used the same lecture notes again.

All of the material included in the lecture will be one day included in my work-in-progress Aquarian Phoenix, the  follow-up to Avalonian Aeon.

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