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Glastonbury Zodiac & Earth Mysteries UFOlogy

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After a long convoluted process, I have manifested a new book. Just over a month ago, the idea to do so was not even in my head.

Some of you may be aware that 2 years ago I was invited to write an extended introduction to a projected new edition of the classic seventies anthology, Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem. It was conceived as a joint enterprise with another party. I also commissioned Yuri Leitch to create the cover art-work to my design, a Glastonbury version of the Crowley/Harris Sun tarot card that recalled the original anthology cover.



1977 edition

1977 edition



Intended new cover

Intended new cover



 Time passed and my collaborator stalled on the project. At the start of 2015 I arranged to give a presentation at the Glastonbury Symposium conference (still often known as the Crop Circle conference) on the contents of my introduction. I felt this still gave enough time to get the new edition published. By the time of the summer solstice it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen. I suddenly wondered if it might be possible to expand my intro and get a small book out in time for the Symposium. My graphics man and the publisher gave me the thumbs-up leaving me about two weeks to do it.

I decided to pump-up the text with some material drawn from my other books but presented in a distinct new chronological context. The centre of gravity of the book was always going to be unique material concerning a profound UFO experience of Anthony Roberts (editor of the original anthology) in 1969 and a huge wild ancient astronaut Atlantean Glastonbury tome that he was inspired to write soon afterwards. His wife Jan had given me access to the work and I was the first person outside the Roberts’ household to read it in 40 years.


Anthony Roberts by his beloved Glastonbury Tor where he died of a heart attack in 1990.

Anthony Roberts by his beloved Glastonbury Tor where he died of a heart attack in 1990.



Tony Roberts with his unpublished work, Giants in the Earth, the main stimulus for my new book.

Tony Roberts with his unpublished work, Giants in the Earth, the main stimulus for my new book.

It was an amazing experience to initiate and complete this new project so quickly after spending two years in limbo with its original form.

Here is the back cover blurb.


The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy

is a unique exploration of a visionary realm that helped to shape the modern development of the mystical capital of Britain. It shows the influence of ideas concerning Atlantis and Ancient Astronauts during the heady days of the sixties and seventies and places them alongside ley lines and the landscape zodiac.


remarkable previously untold UFO experience of author Anthony Roberts and the huge unpublished book it inspired.

Atlantis of the Heart. From Dion Fortune to space migration.

Psychedelic sixties UFOlogy. Flying Saucer Vision and Warminster, David Bowie’s Free Festival.

Andrew Collins journey from Glastonbury to a Giza cave discovery and the Morphian mystery.

Complete survey of work of American visionary Robert Coon relating to the Glastonbury Zodiac, global chakra sites, the Omega Point, and the 1987 Mesoamerican calendar events.

The Contact conundrum, aliens and entities, Secret Chiefs and beams of light, Fairies and Ultraterrestrials, Dark Gods, and Virgin Mary apparitions.

UFOlogical theorists and eccentrics:

John Foster Forbes,  Meade Layne , Desmond Leslie, George Adamski, Trevor James Constable, Brinsley le Poer Trench, Tony Wedd, Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Elizabeth Van Buren.

The Glastonbury Temple of the Stars:

Katharine Maltwood, Mary Caine, Oliver Reiser:  from Blavatsky to Arthur’s Round Table, wandering Sumerians, Atlanteans and aliens, the head of Christ, and the morphogenetic field pattern for the embryogenesis of the World Sensorium!


‘Every thing possible to be believ’d is an image of truth.’

William Blake.

The book is 111 pages long. £11.99

Buy The Glastonbury Zodiac & Earth Mysteries UFOlogy on Amazon UK

Buy The Glastonbury Zodiac & Earth Mysteries UFOlogy on Amazon USA





  • Tom says:

    Hey Paul,

    Has Anthony Roberts book been published in full yet?

    Just finding out about the Glastonbury Zodiac, are there tours showing it?

    How far back do you think the Zodiac goes as it seems it was in use at gobekli tepe and I read in the sumerian text how the gods/aliens/ascended masters were meant to use it for navigational purposes.

    And if there is another civilisation who had a massive Zodiac in the Gobi desert how far back is that?

    The atlanteans are meant to originate from Posiedon who I’m sure is mentioned in sumer so those tales go back further than Atlantis, which I’m sure is meant to be over 100000 years in the past when it was at its height.

    Which in preccesional years is only about 4 ago.

    Which is what gets me worked up about all this, they definitely knew about it, so why can’t mainstream comprehend it.

    Thanks will be reading ya books with great interest.


    • Paul says:

      Hi Tom.

      Thanks for your interest in my Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy.

      Tony Roberts great manuscript remains unpublished. A few years back, when I had more money, I did look into what be involved in publishing it. It would involve a lot of time and money and a very niche audience. It’s not remotely like a Graham Hancock book. I’d still like to think it might happen one day.

      My book is an affectionate study of what certain expansive ideas have done to the minds of various visionaries and how that in turn creates a cultural climate from which interesting things develop.

      The ideas aren’t necessarily consistent and they may well be not exactly historically accurate.

      I think the best example of someone having their mind blown by the Glastonbury Zodiac experience is Andrew Collins. His subsequent work in Egypt, his Atlantis book, Gobekli Tepi, and now the Denisovans, has been consistently rooted in archaeology, although often arrived at through visionary means.

      Neither he or I really believe in flesh and blood aliens in actual flying craft. We are more than willing to believe in what might be termed alien influence, that could as easily be considered extra-dimensional, and that it is this that has affected the visionaries I mention in my book. A few of the early UFOlogists felt that that the classic craft slowed down their rate of vibration to appear in our realm but were in fact native to realms outside our space-time, the Ether Ships hypothesis. The contactees are often a far from normal bunch. They are prepared vehicles. This was certainly the case with Tony Roberts. He and his wife certainly believed they were seeing real physical craft. As John Michell suggested, we may never be clear on the cause but we can do well to look at the effects, and that is what I’ve done in my book.

      Best wishes for the auspicious solstice.

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