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During the last 3 months I have been inspired to re-purpose some material that has appeared before in some of my previous books, primarily Avalonian Aeon, and isolate the astonishing saga of Andrew Collins 80s psychic quest that led him from the Glastonbury Zodiac to the Giza plateau. Starting with the medieval Essex mystery of the Knights of Danbury, an expansive odyssey leads to the Glastonbury Star Temple, a secret Knights Templar ceremony, Black Alchemy, and a Hermetic blend that reveals the Morphogenesis pattern and process understood and used by a lost culture before the pyramids. The epic psychic quest was the root of Andrew Collins later work and the initial inspiration for his investigation of ancient hybrid strains of humanity from the legends of the Nephilim to the Denisovans. The book also features the work of Katharine Maltwood and Frederick Bligh Bond.

The climax of Andy’s adventures had occurred over the summer solstice period in 1985. I became involved myself when he led a group on a vision quest in using his earlier material in June 1990. This personal story heavily features in Avalonian Aeon.

For now, the work is in Kindle format only. A paperback is likely to follow fairly soon.

In the middle of 80s Star Temple quest when featured on the BBC Strange Affair of the Glastonbury Legends. BBC caption spellcheck fail.

The cover art is by legendary psychic Bernard G who was such a vital part of Collins’ early work, particularly cult classic The Black Alchemist. The Glastonbury to Giza story sees him functioning at the peak of his powers.

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