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Ten years on from its initial publication, Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus is now available in Kindle format.I’m still very proud of it and feel the sections on the Babalon Working, Jung and the Seven Sermons, Leary in the Algerian desert, Loch Ness, UFOlogy, the Montauk legend, and the L Ron Hubbard appendix are pretty damn good.

There are filmed lectures of mine where I have dealt with topics featured in the book. I have posted them before over the years but I’m gathering them together again together now as part of the promotion for the new format. 

This presentation from the March 2015 Glastonbury Occult Conference is by far my most watched video. The recent TV series Strange Angel has helped to increase interest in Jack Parsons.

I talked to Gordon White on Rune Soup about Parsons in 2018 on the anniversary of his death.

The October 2014 Glastonbury Occult Conference saw me discussing what I feel is one of the core subjects in my Crowley book, a comparison between The Book of the Law and Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead.

I tackled the Jung Crowley interface again with this blend of visuals, music, and text.

I’m very happy with the combination of material I assembled in the book on the bizarre subject of Crowley and the Loch Ness monster.

I’ve come an interesting full circle now. When I first conceived of the project that became my recently published The Occult Battle of Britain, I thought of it as a companion piece to the Crowley book (pictured above with the cover of the first edition). Inspired by Robert Anton Wilson, it would be a meta-programming Reality Tunnel experiment whereby I looked at a very similar period of time with another model, moving from the Aeon of Horus to the Age of the Archangel Michael, supposedly begun in 1879, that was so important to Rudolf Steiner. The work developed its own dynamic and I omitted the originally intended present day material but I still consider the two books as sitting together so it is great to get them both up on Kindle within a month now that the huge writing cycle they represent is completed.

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