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Is another historical and cultural esoteric extravaganza from Paul Weston.

An Aeon of Horus primer: from the Nazis to the atom bomb, LSD, and UFOlogy.

Beyond the legend of infamy:

Aleister Crowley the occult superstar, yogi, mountaineer, junkie, sexual adventurer, and mystical poet, the supreme prophet of the modern world? 

Also Featuring:

Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard, Marjorie Cameron, JFC Fuller, Hitler, Jacques Vallee, Charles Manson, Timothy Leary, Guido von List, Meade Layne, Robert Anton Wilson, Phillip K Dick, Gerald Gardner, Rudolf Hess, HP Lovecraft, Rudolf Steiner, George Hunt Williamson, Anton Szandor LaVey, Wilhelm Reich, Gurdjieff, the Beatles, Robert Graves, George Van Tassell, Kenneth Grant, Alex Sanders, William Dudley Pelley, CG Jung, Kenneth Anger, Aldous Huxley, John Keel.

Dealing with diverse and extraordinary subjects:

Babalon Working, Sirius Mystery, Stele of Revealing, psychedelic sixties, Church of Satan, Process Church of the Final Judgement, rebirth of Witchcraft, Manson murders, Thule, orgone energy, Abraxas, Mothman, Illuminati, Men in Black, Gnostic revival, Nazi Occultism, Montauk, Loch Ness monster, Necronomicon, the psychology, magick, and mysticism of Thelema, the crossing of the Abyss, secret cipher, Extra-Terrestrial Gnosis.

384 pages. £13.99 


“One of my favourite books of all time.”

 “An epic work of engaging strangeness.”

“Very possibly the best book I’ve ever read on Crowley. Save yourself some time, and read this book for a direct hit of all that is best.”

 “Part history, part philosophical examination… this is as smart and wise a book about Crowley as has been written in recent years. With sections related to the Timothy Leary/Robert Anton Wilson trip and the emergence of psychedelic culture in the West… this is one you want to check out.”  


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