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Recorded Lectures

My recorded Zoom sessions include imagery-rich presentations of about 90 mins duration covering the full range of material in my 11 books. They are launched as live paid events before being made available as recorded lectures.

  • Abraxas, Jung, & his Glastonbury Visit

  • Colin Wilson and Robert Graves: ‘bioenergetic power transfer by osmosis’.

  • Joseph of Arimathea – History & The Living Glastonbury Mythos



Sample and buy Paul’s remarkable diverse eleven books on Amazon Kindle. Link to his Author’s Page for paperback editions in UK.

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YouTube lectures, podcasts, and paid Zoom imagery-rich presentations on a wide range of material. History, occultism, psychic questing, synchromysticism, and more.

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Avalon of the Heart Tours

Unique Avalon of the Heart walking tours taking in the Tor, Abbey, Chalice Well, and White Spring, infused with Paul’s passion and knowledge.

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