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The Circle of Perpetual Choirs is perhaps the most evocative and controversial British landscape mystery. John Michell, starting from sources mentioning Glastonbury as a location where a constant liturgy was recited, went on to postulate alignments with sites with similar associations, creating a decagon centred on White Leaved Oak in the Malverns.

Featuring material from my long-term work-in-progress, Aquarian Phoenix, the follow-up to Avalonian Aeon, I cover a wide range of subject matter including Druidic mythology, William Blake, the Enchantment of the Landscape, Psychic Questing, and my own vision quest that led me from a moment of revelation in Glastonbury to live out my dream at White Leaved Oak. A Gayatri Mantra initiation and Medicine Buddha puja are featured along the way.

This presentation suggests that in some way the Choir still sings and it may be possible to hear something of its song.