Autumn 2014 Glastonbury presentations.

I am engaged in a sequence of varied and interesting lectures in Glastonbury during the closing quarter of 2014.


Early October sees an outstanding conference in town.




I’m very pleased to be talking on connections between Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead and Crowley’s Book of the Law, featuring material from my book Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus.

The online option is very useful for those not in the physical proximity.


October 15th sees me at the Red Brick Building presenting The Avalonians and the Ariosophists, a comparison between mystical ideas in Glastonbury and Germany in the period leading up to the Great War with a sense that the later events of the 1940 ‘Magical Battle of Britain’ featuring Dion Fortune were already being set in motion.



Cover image for my Dion Fortune work in progress by Yuri Leitch





In November I am beginning a sequence of 6 talks for the Glastonbury Reception Centre that will carry forward into 2015. In these, I will be unpacking my book Mysterium Artorius  in a wide-ranging consideration of Arthurian Glastonbury Grail studies.





More details will feature on the Events page here as the time of these lectures approaches.

I look forward to maybe meeting some of you at these events.

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