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Crossing the Abyss Podcast Interview

Tweet I recently had an excellent chat with Steven Snider of The Farm on the theme of crossing the Abyss that runs through my Crowley book.  It featured Crowley himself, Jack Parsons, Kenneth Grant, Lovecraft, the Loch Ness Monster, and … Continue reading

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UFOlogical interview with Zelia Edgar on Just Another Tin Foil Hat

Tweet ttps:// Great to have a UFOlogical chat with Zelia Edgar of Just Another Tin Foil Hat. We covered the psychic questing roots with the 1974 Aveley abduction and 1976 Sunderland family case that feature in my Avalonian Aeon and … Continue reading

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Glastonbury Zodiac & Earth Mysteries UFOlogy Book Launch Presentation

Tweet After a lost hard drive prevented them from uploading, Glastonbury Symposium have given me permission to post my 2015 presentation that launched The Glastonbury Zodiac & Earth Mysteries UFOlogy. Really pleased about that as it is one of my … Continue reading

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