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Daily Power Questions

  DAILY POWER QUESTIONS         One of the most important ideas I have encountered in the work of Self-Help supremo Anthony Robbins concerns our use of inner questioning. I didn’t really ‘get’ NLP when I first met … Continue reading

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A Glastonbury Abbey Dream

A GLASTONBURY ABBEY DREAM       [youtube][/youtube]         I have created a 10 minute video that combines images drawn from Glastonbury’s history and mythology with the music of Thomas Tallis. The snow photos were taken by … Continue reading

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Occult Conference Voltage

  OCCULT CONFERENCE VOLTAGE         I was very fortunate during the late eighties and early nineties to attend a number of conferences that provided a template for all round excellence and how I would come to feel … Continue reading

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Aleister Crowley & the Loch Ness Monster video lecture

ALEISTER CROWLEY & THE LOCH NESS MONSTER VIDEO LECTURE   [youtube][/youtube]     I have finally got a complete lecture of mine up on You Tube. The material is taken from the chapter Loch Ness Leviathan and the Boleskine Kiblah … Continue reading

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