Rune Soup Book Launch


My latest book was undoubtedly kick-started by my previous appearance on Rune Soup in Dec 2019. Very satisfying to effectively launch it from there now. Talked with Gordon yesterday, the 15th, 6 months on from the anniv of the Tor death of Abbot Whiting, the time when Boris was in the area and my brain went into overdrive. It’s a satisfying cycle. And with the arrival of the book, all kinds of further weirdness has occurred featuring Jung and Robert Anton Wilson. I talk about it all here.

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4 Responses to Rune Soup Book Launch

  1. Obsidian Pond says:

    I think you mean talked AT Gordon! He couldn’t get a word in! Great content, but why can’t you let someone else talk sometimes?

    • Paul says:

      I’ve appeared on Rune Soup many times and we deliberately adopt the ‘storytime with Paul’ approach where I just launch into a long rap. Plenty of people dig it. I accept that not everyone will. In fact, other podcasters have approached me and said they’re happy to let me just go into a extended monologue as it seems to work so well. Glad you liked the content anyway.

  2. D says:

    Always a pleasure listening, Mr Weston. Your chats on Rune Soup are pretty much exactly what this human enjoys, someone getting to the core of respective matters at hand. I’d ignore Obsidian, Gordon knows how to let a guest flow. Hope you’re well in these uncanny times.

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