British Music. Arthurian Landscape Evocation video.

Between Nov 2014 and May 2015, I presented a series of lectures unpacking my book Mysterium Artorius for the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre. The first was filmed with the intention of coaxing people along for the rest of the sequence. The footage was compromised by the lighting in the room and glare on the slide-screen and was never uploaded. Last week I felt it would be worth the effort to try and tidy it up to make it viewable, so here is British Music, featuring Glastonbury, Tintagel, Dion Fortune, John Cowper Powys, Edward Elgar, Frederick Bligh Bond, Circle of Perpetual Choirs, and including audio-visual sections with the music of Wagner, Vaughan Williams and Tallis. Here are the kind of sensibilities I bring to Avalon of the Heart Tours.

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Memory of a Free Festival: the Flying Saucer Vision video

Here is my presentation commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Beckenham free festival that inspired David Bowie’s UFOlogical anthem Memory of a Free Festival. It’s a celebration of 60s and 70s Earth Mysteries UFOlogy focused on Glastonbury. Part of the larger Glastonbury Blakestock Festival  that was spread over the 3 days of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

Material taken from my books The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy, and William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis.

The idea for this event came when I was on my way to London to film an interview for Ancient Aliens concerning material in The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy. Refreshing my memory on my own book during the bus journey to London, I realised that the Bowie anniversary was right in the middle of the 3 days already given over to the Blakestock Festival that was scheduled over the Woodstock 50th anniversary. I immediately felt  that it would be a good idea to adapt the  lecture I had given in July 2015 at the Glastonbury Symposium to launch the book.

Here is the influence of UFOlogy on the development of Glastonbury during the sixties and seventies. Here is a full and accurate account of author Anthony Roberts formative 1969 UFO experience, an event that was somewhat misrepresented in Ancient Aliens.

And here is the Glastonbury episode I was featured in along with Andrew Collins, to whom much gratitude for setting me up with the gig. 


I was filmed with bright lights on me from all angles. In the Glastonbury presentation, the night draws in until I become a veritable Blackstar. It’s an odd balance to contemplate and very much indicative of the flavour of what has been a most mysterious year for me.

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Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy Ancient Aliens

I have just been featured in the Series 14 Constellation Code episode of Ancient Aliens that dealt with the Glastonbury Zodiac. Very grateful to Andrew Collins for setting me up with this. I discussed  material in my book concerning the influence of UFOlogical inspirations on the modern rebirth of Glastonbury. I made this promo video for the book back in 2015 with lots of great imagery and the chilled music of Steve Hillage.

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John Cowper Powys and the Psychogeography of Wearyall Hill video lecture


Glastonbury legend tells that Joseph of Arimathea, on arriving here at Wearyall Hill in 63AD, planted his staff in the ground and it promptly took root and flowered. Just how far back that story really goes is difficult to establish but we certainly know that after the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the tragic end of Glastonbury Abbey, a thorn was revered on the hill that was cut down by Puritans. A descendant was planted in 1951 and became part of the visual fabric of the town and a place of pilgrimage until it was attacked at night in December 2010 and its crown removed. It never really recovered.

The drama coincided with the fall from grace of former mayor Edward James, the man who owned the land on which the thorn was located. A finance company he had been a senior figure in had defrauded investors of sums totaling in the millions. James was imprisoned, his business partner committed suicide, and many felt that this was somehow linked to the attack on the tree.

Time passed. James was freed and in early 2019 sought planning permission for the building of some modern style homes that would significantly impact on the area of the hill around where the damaged remnant of the thorn still grew. Strong local opposition led to rejection of his scheme. A matter of days later, the tree was cut down at the base and rolled down the side of the hill into brambles and left there.

This occurred in daylight and was witnessed with James being present. A far-fetched excuse that the tree was somehow dangerous was met with ridicule. James went on to claim that he had a new sapling ready to replace it.

The whole crazy episode felt like something from John Cowper Powys great novel A Glastonbury Romance. The weird twisted psychology of the perpetrator was something that I felt Powys had a unique talent for expressing.

I already had extensive experience of the psychoactive qualities of the work and felt inspired to read it again in search of a powerful section concerning the local people who are hostile to the mythos and seek to destroy it. Within  just a few days I discovered that a chance had arisen to give a public presentation on the subject the very next week so I did and this video is the result.

The day of the presentation was one of the oddest I have ever had in Glastonbury but that is another story. As for the night itself, it confirmed for me that Glastonbury Romance 2019 was fully switched on.





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Glastonia Aegyptiacus available on Kindle

During the last 3 months I have been inspired to re-purpose some material that has appeared before in some of my previous books, primarily Avalonian Aeon, and isolate the astonishing saga of Andrew Collins 80s psychic quest that led him from the Glastonbury Zodiac to the Giza plateau. Starting with the medieval Essex mystery of the Knights of Danbury, an expansive odyssey leads to the Glastonbury Star Temple, a secret Knights Templar ceremony, Black Alchemy, and a Hermetic blend that reveals the Morphogenesis pattern and process understood and used by a lost culture before the pyramids. The epic psychic quest was the root of Andrew Collins later work and the initial inspiration for his investigation of ancient hybrid strains of humanity from the legends of the Nephilim to the Denisovans. The book also features the work of Katharine Maltwood and Frederick Bligh Bond.

The climax of Andy’s adventures had occurred over the summer solstice period in 1985. I became involved myself when he led a group on a vision quest in using his earlier material in June 1990. This personal story heavily features in Avalonian Aeon.

For now, the work is in Kindle format only. A paperback is likely to follow fairly soon.

In the middle of 80s Star Temple quest when featured on the BBC Strange Affair of the Glastonbury Legends. BBC caption spellcheck fail.

The cover art is by legendary psychic Bernard G who was such a vital part of Collins’ early work, particularly cult classic The Black Alchemist. The Glastonbury to Giza story sees him functioning at the peak of his powers.

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All nine of my books are now available globally on Kindle

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Michael Line, Qabalah and Tarot book available on Kindle

Buy the Book on Kindle UK

My 2016 book The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot: Visionary Ley Pilgrimages is now available on Kindle.

From the Preface

The Michael Line, the Qabalah, and the Tarot was one of the first public presentations I gave in Glastonbury after moving here in 1995. Since then the material has increased and I have periodically returned to the subject. It was aired at one of Andrew Collin’s Questing Conferences in London. I commissioned Yuri Leitch to paint the artwork now featuring on the cover of this book as far back as 2006 to accompany my talk at Glastonbury’s first Megalithomania gathering. A short article featuring two of the landscape tarot visualisations appeared firstly in the ASH (Albion’s Sacred Heritage) journal and then Glastonbury’s Avalon magazine in the nineties. It has long been somewhere in the back of my mind that I should turn it into a book.

This is not a work of history and archaeology. That’s probably not a big surprise to most people but there might be a few who get the wrong idea of what realm of discourse I think I am involved in here. It’s not news to me that the concept of leylines has not exactly been entirely accepted by academics. I also wouldn’t dispute that the reasons for that are often valid. The story starts in the realm of psychic questing, a subject even further out on the fringe. There’s no shortage of people who start foaming at the mouth when the topic is raised, particularly the Green Stone story. For the record, I was seriously involved in Questing as part of a group led by Andrew Collins and I consider the Green Stone to be part of the greatest paranormal drama played out in Britain in the twentieth century. What matters here though is how useful that story became in stimulating some faculty in me that helped the creation of a fabulous framework for a magnificent journeying. Picking around the minutiae of the original story would miss the point here altogether.

Andrew Collins included the Lights of Knowledge story in his original version of The Seventh Sword but the publishers asked him to remove it. I had the strange experience of reading it again, twenty five years later, thanks to Andy and Michael Tazzar, who has the manuscript. My account is brief. I hope that Andy’s full version of this remarkable adventure appears in print one day. It is the fundamental inspiration for my own material. Without it, there would have been no Qabalistic tarot Michael Line journeys. The questing of the Lights of Knowledge and the later ley pilgrimages have very different flavours. Seeing them together though presents a mysterious and powerful unity, an affirmation of psychic questing and the numinosity of the sacred landscape.

Some serious adepts of the Qabalah might get annoyed about all kinds of things. The use of the Jewish mystical system by western occultists of the last century or so, primarily the Golden Dawn tradition, is consistently contentious. And the most contentious point of all is the placing of the tarot into that framework. A nineteenth century invention we are reliably informed. As to which cards are supposed to fit the various paths, well that seems to be somewhat variable as well

I have made use of the Golden Dawn tarot attributions in this work. They were accepted by Dion Fortune and, with one notable exception that will feature in the narrative, by Aleister Crowley, the two most important and influential occultists of the twentieth century. I make no arguments for anything being set in stone however. I have simply found that the material worked amazingly well in the context in which I experimented with it. It served a purpose. It served the purpose of leading me and, over the years a number of other people, on unique journeys that took in a diverse selection of ancient mystical sites across an endlessly inspiring landscape, an expansive journey that left an enduring appreciation of Britain’s extraordinary heritage and that showed how the magical traditions sit alongside poetry and history as profound creative vehicles. I certainly seek to stir poetic sensibilities though my combination of influences. The presence in the narrative of William Blake helps make that clear.

The wonderful cover painting by Yuri Leitch is an example of where artistic concerns have taken priority over magical details. In the Qabalisitc terms later explained here, the rainbow should connect the lower spheres depicting the White Horse of Uffington and Silbury Hill and pass beneath the image of Glastonbury Tor. I felt it worked better passing over all three.

Maybe we can say that the subject matter of this work is a bit psychogeographical inasmuch as it deals with the interaction of the human psyche with the landscape and makes use of some distinct mental mapping techniques to do so. Perhaps that might make some a bit more comfortable as that is a realm where we are allowed to be a bit weird and quirky.

I’ve travelled along the Michael Line in 1991,92,97,98 and 2011. I’m not going to feature any details of ’92 and ’98 here. It’s not because they weren’t great journeys. 1992 was a real biggie on a personal level. It’s simply a case of avoiding repetition. There were no innovations to the format in those years.

My friends often joked with me about how long it was taking to complete my Avalonian Aeon. In the end, it was ten and a half years. In recent times I have gone to the opposite extreme. The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy and Glastonbury Psychogeography were each created in two weeks, albeit making use of some already written material, in both cases with the aim of launching at a conference. This process has now reached probably its maximum level of crazy intensity as I have gone from ten years to ten days to create this work for Laura Daligan’s Avalon Tarot Conference. I sincerely believe it is a feast for all tarot enthusiasts and leyline pilgrims, presenting remarkable ideas in a way that will hopefully inspire many to go forth on their own journeys.

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Atargatis now available on Kindle

Buy the Book on Amazon Kindle UK

My book Atargatis is now available globally in Kindle format. It is probably my favourite work as it covers such a wide spectrum of subject material.

A wild story of complete immersion in a magical mystical lifestyle. An Astonishing East-West New Age Blend. 

A Goddess Extravaganza. Atargatis, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, Tanit, Isis, Babalon, Inanna, Nuit, Aphrodite, Lilith, Matronit, Shekhina.

 Psychic Questing. Green Stone, Sobek Neferu Re, Typhonian Thames,  The Temple of the Blue Flame, St Bega: the Egyptian star,  Avebury Form of the Serpent, Dream Demons, Egyptians and Phoenicians in Ancient Britain.

Magical Fictions. Twin Peaks, Robin of Sherwood, Jewel of the Seven Stars, The Sea Priestess.

Locations across Time and Space.Margate Seashell Grotto, Hierapolis, Glastonbury, Hadleigh Downs, Babylon, Shambhala, Brean Down.

Also Includes: UFOlogy, Fellowship of Isis, Tibetan Buddhism, Past Lives, Reiki, 11:11, Dolphin Channelling, Rebirthing.

Featuring: Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, HP Lovecraft, Whitley Strieber, Carlos Castaneda, Andrew Collins, James Rendell Harris, Jose Arguelles, Morien O Morgan, Solara, Graham Phillips, Timothy Wyllie,  Elagabalus, James Joyce, Cunning Murrell, Ozric Tentacles.

The Gurus. Osho Rajneesh, Swami Muktananda,  Sai Baba, Meher Baba.

Create your own Synchronicity.  Hack your destiny code.

A few of my video lectures feature material from the book .

This lecture served as the Glastonbury launch of the book.

Not all of the intense material in this lecture is in Atargatis but a lot of it is and it gives a good indication of the mood of the book.

This lecture contains some of the core material in the book.

The family stories in this video are included in an appendix.

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Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus now available on Kindle

Buy the book on Amazon Kindle UK.
Buy the Book on Amazon Kindle USA.

Ten years on from its initial publication, Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus is now available in Kindle format.I’m still very proud of it and feel the sections on the Babalon Working, Jung and the Seven Sermons, Leary in the Algerian desert, Loch Ness, UFOlogy, the Montauk legend, and the L Ron Hubbard appendix are pretty damn good.

There are filmed lectures of mine where I have dealt with topics featured in the book. I have posted them before over the years but I’m gathering them together again together now as part of the promotion for the new format. 

This presentation from the March 2015 Glastonbury Occult Conference is by far my most watched video. The recent TV series Strange Angel has helped to increase interest in Jack Parsons.

I talked to Gordon White on Rune Soup about Parsons in 2018 on the anniversary of his death.

The October 2014 Glastonbury Occult Conference saw me discussing what I feel is one of the core subjects in my Crowley book, a comparison between The Book of the Law and Jung’s Seven Sermons to the Dead.

I tackled the Jung Crowley interface again with this blend of visuals, music, and text.

I’m very happy with the combination of material I assembled in the book on the bizarre subject of Crowley and the Loch Ness monster.

I’ve come an interesting full circle now. When I first conceived of the project that became my recently published The Occult Battle of Britain, I thought of it as a companion piece to the Crowley book (pictured above with the cover of the first edition). Inspired by Robert Anton Wilson, it would be a meta-programming Reality Tunnel experiment whereby I looked at a very similar period of time with another model, moving from the Aeon of Horus to the Age of the Archangel Michael, supposedly begun in 1879, that was so important to Rudolf Steiner. The work developed its own dynamic and I omitted the originally intended present day material but I still consider the two books as sitting together so it is great to get them both up on Kindle within a month now that the huge writing cycle they represent is completed.

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Occult Battle of Britain book videos

During the eight and a half years that I was periodically engaged in my writing project that was recently concluded with the publication of my The Occult Battle of Britain I gave a number of public presentations where I road-tested the material. A few were filmed. My launch at the Glastonbury Occult Conference included two presentations. One was a lecture featuring material from the book. The second consisted of me discussing the wild and intense personal background to my immersion in the subject. Both of these events were filmed. I have posted two of these videos before here but I thought it would be useful to bring them together as a further promotion for the book.

Buy the Book on Amazon UK as paperback or in Kindle format.
Buy the Book on Amazon Kindle USA

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