William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis video lecture

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From the Glastonbury William Blake Festival, here is my book-launch presentation.

It covers my usual wide range of diverse subject matter, including including 18th century occult underground, the antiquarian vision, Gordon Riots and punk, Allen Ginsberg, Nicholas Roerich and Jose Arguelles, the Glastonbury Zodiac, and ‘Jerusalem’ as Shekhinah.


Buy the Book on Amazon UK



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William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis book now available

Buy the book on Amazon UK

My latest book is available from today on Amazon UK, the same date that the 3 day Glastonbury William Blake Festival begins.

211 pages. £13.99


From the back cover.


Is a unique expansive odyssey, inspired by the great visionary poet artist.

It combines history, mythology, and mysticism, in a living journey of Imagination.

Written and published in Glastonbury, it is an expression of the alchemical blend the place somehow inspires and is presented in the hope of bringing forth in its readers something of the same feelings that were involved in writing it.


The Artists and Poets.

Allen Ginsberg, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Algernon Swinburne.

The Antiquarian Vision

Geoffrey of Monmouth, Iolo Morganwg, William Stukeley.

Eighteenth Century Occult Mystical London Underground.

Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, Swedenborg, Cagliostro , Samuel Falk,

Lord George Gordon, Richard and Maria Cosway, James Graham.

The New Antiquarians.

Alfred Watkins, Katharine Maltwood, Mary Caine, Anthony Roberts,

John Michell, Geoffrey Ashe, Iain Sinclair.

Planetary Art for Peace.

Nicholas Roerich, Jose Arguelles, Tony Shearer, Chogyam Trungpa.

Glastonbury Golgonooza.  Shekhinah.


Joseph of Arimathea, Cosmic Consciousness, the Gordon Riots,  levitation of the Pentagon, Flying Saucer Vision, the Celestial Bed, the Sex Pistols, Albion and Arthur, Our Lady of Glastonbury, Atlantis, the Druid revival,   psychogeography,  Suffragettes, Glastonbury Zodiac, Michael ley line, a waking Jungian dream.

All coming together through the alchemy of the prophet Bard.

And, of course,

the ‘Glastonbury hymn,’ Jerusalem.



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William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis book cover artwork

It’s July 23rd, a date which, thanks to Robert Anton Wilson, I think of as Cosmic Trigger day. I like to make it a bit special and try and set the flavour for the rest of the summer period which tends to be the most intense and powerful part of the year for me.



On this day last year, I premiered the Yuri Leitch artwork for my book Atargatis, which was still six months away from completion. I’m very pleased to be able to do the same again, with the last work that Yuri did before his 50th birthday last weekend. This time though, the book is already at the printers and should manifest for the Glastonbury William Blake Festival.

There is some interesting further continuity. The face of Aria Astra Amorosa features again on the figure of Our Lady of Glastonbury in the form of the Roerich Madonna Oriflamma.










Atargatis features a consideration on the Shekhinah, a form of the divine feminine in Judaism that seems to be rooted in the  ancient Canaanite goddess Asherah who was installed in Solomon’s Temple for some time and was, effectively, the wife of  Yahweh.

The Shekhinah is back again as I delve into the Kabbalistic influences on Blake and examine his idea of Jerusalem. More details to follow but, for now, here is the imagery.






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Between Wednesday August 8th to Friday August 10th 2018.

We are having a free-floating sixties-style Happening in Glastonbury in a few weeks time.

On the afternoon of Wed August 8th, starting at 13:00, there will be recitations of Blake poetry around the Market Cross area by some very diverse performers. Some may be singing. There will be musical accompaniment. There is still an option of getting involved and performing. Contact me here or on the Facebook event page. The only rule is that all words spoken must be those of Blake.

On the evening of August 9th, I will give a lecture presentation in the Town Hall on William Blake and the Glastonbury Gnosis that will also serve as a book launch. More details to follow, with special posting of Yuri Leitch cover art in a few days time.

Friday August 10th will see a musical evening in the King Arthur pub in Benedict St. Some quality musician performers will present remarkable renditions of Blake poetry. There will be a special acknowledgement of Allen Ginsberg.

Facebook Event Page

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Jack Parsons Rune Soup Interview

Jack Parsons


June 17th was the anniversary of the death of fabled rocket scientist occultist Jack Parsons. He is very much a current concern with the CBS TV series Strange Angel having first aired the previous week.


I was very pleased to be able to record another Rune Soup interview with Gordon White on June 17th and to now post it on the summer solstice.

Parsons is a subject I have covered at length in my Crowley book and also my video lecture on the Babalon Working so I was mindful of wanting to provide some fresh material. To that end, there is a typically odd personal story of how I came to feel so connected to the topic and also some thoughts on Jack and the Beat Generation. I also expound on my feeling s concerning the centrality of Gnosticism in understanding Jack’s magical life.


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When Magic and Fiction Meet. Video Lecture

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This is a presentation I gave to  Glastonbury Positive Living Group on March 7th 2018. It features material from my Atargatis book and served as part of the extended launch process that had begun at the Glastonbury Occult conference a few weeks before.

The lecture concerns a subject that has fascinated me since 1990: the mysterious synchro zone where magic meets fiction and powerful processes are activated. There are a number of personal stories here of high strangeness that feature Robin of Sherwood, Twin Peaks, and Dion Fortune’s Sea Priestess.



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Magical Timing & Personal Synchronicity Rune Soup Interview

Rune Soup March 1st Interview


I was fortunate to have another chat with Gordon White about my Atargatis book. I spoke to him last November about the extensive process involved in the creation of the cover. This time I talked about how much psycho-active voltage accompanied the completion of the book up to the very last moment as it went to the publishers.

Once it had arrived, I was then able to launch it at the Glastonbury Occult Conference. This proved to be a wildly expansive scenario.

Check out the power of a Glastonbury Occult Conference for yourself. 2019 is already being set up. I’m giving a presentation. Glastonbury Occult Conference 2019

We go on to discuss my methods of engaging with synchronicity and working with timing that has special personal associations.

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Atargatis Book Now Available



My new book is now available on Amazon UK and USA.

Buy the Book on Amazon UK

Buy the Book on Amazon USA.

350 pages. £15.99


From the back cover.

A wild story of complete immersion in a magical mystical lifestyle.

An Astonishing East-West New Age Blend.


A Goddess Extravaganza.

Atargatis, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, Tanit, Isis, Babalon, Inanna,

Nuit, Aphrodite, Lilith, Matronit, Shekhina.

Psychic Questing.

Green Stone, Sobek Neferu Re, Typhonian Thames,

 The Temple of the Blue Flame, St Bega: the Egyptian star,

 Avebury Form of the Serpent, Dream Demons,

Egyptians and Phoenicians in Ancient Britain.

Magical Fictions.

Twin Peaks, Robin of Sherwood,

Jewel of the Seven Stars, The Sea Priestess.

Locations across Time and Space.

Margate Seashell Grotto, Hierapolis, Glastonbury,

Hadleigh Downs, Babylon, Shambhala, Brean Down.

Also Includes:

UFOlogy, Fellowship of Isis, Tibetan Buddhism, Past Lives,

Reiki, 11:11, Dolphin Channelling, Rebirthing.


Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, HP Lovecraft,

Whitley Strieber, Carlos Castaneda, Andrew Collins, James Rendell Harris,

Jose Arguelles, Morien O Morgan, Solara, Graham Phillips, Timothy Wyllie,

 Elagabalus, James Joyce, Cunning Murrell, Ozric Tentacles.

The Gurus.

Osho Rajneesh, Swami Muktananda,

 Sai Baba, Meher Baba.

Create your own Synchronicity.

 Hack your destiny code.


There aren’t many books with this kind of mix!


Buy the Book on Amazon UK


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Nicholas Roerich Video Presentation.


I recently did a presentation for the Glastonbury Positive Living Group on the life and work of mystical artist explorer Nicholas Roerich who quested in search of Shambhala. His concept of Art for Peace inspired an international pact that influenced Jose Arguelles. His unique odyssey took him from helping to create the legendary Rite of Spring ballet to journeys into Central Asia. I discussed his expansive life and put it into a wider context of the esoteric and political history of the time. There were of course plenty of visuals of his numinous paintings.

It was gratifying to be able to put on such an event on the exact anniversary of his death as the date fell this year on a day that the Glastonbury Positive Living Group were meeting. There was further resonance for me as I put on the same presentation exactly twenty years earlier to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. I used the same lecture notes again.

All of the material included in the lecture will be one day included in my work-in-progress Aquarian Phoenix, the  follow-up to Avalonian Aeon.

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Atargatis Rune Soup Interview

I have been engaged throughout 2017 in writing a book named Atargatis. As always, the cover imagery is very important to me. I am very lucky to be able to call on the services of the prodigiously talented Yuri Leitch to execute whatever design I create. In this instance, the process became very interesting indeed. I talk about it at length in an interview with Gordon White for his legendary Rune Soup podcast.

I also discuss some of the contents of the book relating to Kenneth Grant and mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh Sobek Neferu Re. I hope this will generate some interest in the book for when it is finally finished which I anticipate should be early in 2018.

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