Mysterium Artorius


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Mysterium Artorius is a historical and cultural esoteric extravaganza introducing and evoking Arthur and the Grail through the magic of the landscape and the sensibilities of artists and mystics from the ancient to the modern world.

Featuring places physical and fabled: Glastonbury, Tintagel, Hyperborea, Shambhala, Wewelsburg, Cadbury Castle, Gothic cathedrals, Hall of Chivalry, Grail mountains, Camelot Castle Hotel, Tor labyrinth, Glastonbury Zodiac, New Jerusalem.

Mythic figures: Fulcanelli, Prester John, Melkin, Morgan La Fey, Melchizedek, the Wandering Jew, the Wild Hunt, the Lord of the World.

The wonders of the twelfth century: Knights Templar, Troubadours, Sufism, Hermetica, Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Abbot Suger, Henry of Blois, Hildegard of Bingen, Bernard of Clairvaux, Joachim of Fiore.

Twentieth century visionaries: Dion Fortune, John Cowper Powys, Katharine Maltwood, Frederick Bligh Bond, Geoffrey Ashe, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Rudyard Kipling,  Flavia Anderson, PD Ouspensky, Jessie Weston, Hank Harrison, Walter Johannes Stein, Edward Elgar, Arnold Bax, Rene Guenon, Rudolf Steiner, Frederick Thomas Glasscock.

And, of course: Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chretien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach, Perlesvaus, Joseph of Arimathea, Arthur’s grave.

Contains no bloodline considerations and no theories in favour of any specific Grail artefacts.

127 pages.

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