Glastonbury Psychogeography


From the back cover


is a unique blending of Psychogeography and Psychic Questing, providing some remarkable perspectives on the historical mythic landscape of Glastonbury and its powerful genius loci. The works of great visionaries provide a context for the modern experiences of the author.


The View Over the Hawksmoor Matrix.

The Visionary Cities of William Blake.

The Daemonic Genius of John Cowper Powys.

Great Memoria: the Eternal Abbey.

Wearyall Hill and the Fisher King’s Song.

Collector of Souls: the Park Wood Murder and Twin Peaks.

The Wirral Park Roundabout Mystery.

Glastonbury Romance 2003: the Artist as Magician. Wisdom of the Dream.

The Visit of CG Jung to Glastonbury: Abraxas in the Abbey.

Kentucky Tescopolis: the Non-Place Membrane.

Holy Thorn Trauma.


Iain Sinclair, Peter Ackroyd, William Blake, John Cowper Powys, Frederick Bligh Bond, Dion Fortune, Andrew Collins, John Michell, Arthur Rimbaud, Aleister Crowley, CG Jung.

121 pages. £11.99 


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