There is profound uncertainty concerning how 2021 is going to be in terms of public events and how they will be handled. Will there will cancellations? It is impossible to say.

What does seem clear is that there is a powerful appetite to hopefully come out of the other side of the current dramas with great dynamism and enthusiasm sooner rather than later.

I’m hoping to be part of a number of Glastonbury-centred events already in the pipeline. 

The long established Glastonbury Occult Conference is scheduled for 20/21st February.

Glastonbury Occult Conference

I’m part of a damn fine gathering of speakers and will be presenting material from my Colin Wilson project under the title

Colin Wilson and Robert Graves : bio-energetic power transfer by osmosis.

A further big conference that will also be streamed is set up here for early July. I’ll post details on that soon.

Taking shape but still indeterminate are a possible modest event acknowledging the centenary of the brief visit of WB Yeats here in January.

And Dion Fortune is in the airwaves. There might be something coming your way around the time of the spring equinox.

The intentions are there. Some things are out of our control. There is, despite so much blah, considerable optimism that all of these projects will manifest.


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