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Arthur and Osiris: a mood in a Glastonbury sunset

Tweet I have suddenly felt inspired to post a piece initially written in Spring 2009 after having just returned from Egypt to Glastonbury in bloom. I found myself irresistibly musing upon one of the more fanciful ideas concerning the towns’ … Continue reading

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Occult of Personality podcast interview on Crowley book.

Tweet   I am very pleased with an interview that is now available on Greg Kaminsky’s Occult of Personality podcast. It deals mainly with the contents of my Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus. I get to talk about … Continue reading

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Isis of Avalon: Glastonbury full moon vision

Tweet   Here is a piece originally published in the Spring 1997 edition of Glastonbury’s Avalon magazine. It also features in an expanded context as an important part of the narrative in my book Avalonian Aeon. I am posting it … Continue reading

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