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July 2015 Glastonbury Symposium

Tweet July 2015 Glastonbury Symposium         July 2015 sees the 25th anniversary of the Glastonbury Symposium (perhaps still better known as the Crop Circle Conference although the subject matter considerably diversified a long time ago). I’m very … Continue reading

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Richard Whiting: Last Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey.

Tweet RICHARD WHITING: LAST ABBOT OF GLASTONBURY ABBEY.       November 15th is generally held to be the date on which the greatest trauma in Glastonbury’s recorded history occurred. I gather that new research is suggesting that Richard Whiting, … Continue reading

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A Glastonbury Abbey Dream

Tweet A GLASTONBURY ABBEY DREAM               I have created a 10 minute video that combines images drawn from Glastonbury’s history and mythology with the music of Thomas Tallis. The snow photos were taken by … Continue reading

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Occult Conference Voltage

Tweet   OCCULT CONFERENCE VOLTAGE         I was very fortunate during the late eighties and early nineties to attend a number of conferences that provided a template for all round excellence and how I would come to … Continue reading

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Feast of Archangel Michael

Tweet   September 29th is a date long commemorated as a feast of the Archangel Michael.  The ruined church atop Glastonbury Tor was dedicated to him and the day often seems a potent one here.         1 … Continue reading

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Midsummer Glastonbury Sun

Tweet     Here, for midsummer, is a Glastonbury version of the Crowley Thoth Sun card. It has been painted by Yuri Leitch to my design: ie my idea to substitute Glastonbury Tor for the hill featured in the original … Continue reading

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Interview on Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour

Tweet March 2018. The interview has disappeared. I’m checking in to see if it will return. If not, I’ll take this post down.   I have recently spoken with Christopher Knowles at some length on a wide variety of esoteric … Continue reading

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Arthur and Osiris: a mood in a Glastonbury sunset

Tweet I have suddenly felt inspired to post a piece initially written in Spring 2009 after having just returned from Egypt to Glastonbury in bloom. I found myself irresistibly musing upon one of the more fanciful ideas concerning the towns’ … Continue reading

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Isis of Avalon: Glastonbury full moon vision

Tweet   Here is a piece originally published in the Spring 1997 edition of Glastonbury’s Avalon magazine. It also features in an expanded context as an important part of the narrative in my book Avalonian Aeon. I am posting it … Continue reading

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British Music: the Personality of Landscape.

Tweet     BRITISH MUSIC: THE PERSONALITY OF LANDSCAPE         My fundamental approach to Glastonbury is clearly outlined in this post. It is the entire introductory chapter to my first book Mysterium Artorius, embellished by photos, images, and … Continue reading

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