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Tweet Between Wednesday August 8th to Friday August 10th 2018. We are having a free-floating sixties-style Happening in Glastonbury in a few weeks time. On the afternoon of Wed August 8th, starting at 13:00, there will be recitations of Blake … Continue reading

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Jack Parsons Rune Soup Interview

Tweet   June 17th was the anniversary of the death of fabled rocket scientist occultist Jack Parsons. He is very much a current concern with the CBS TV series Strange Angel having first aired the previous week.   I was … Continue reading

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When Magic and Fiction Meet. Video Lecture

Tweet   This is a presentation I gave to  Glastonbury Positive Living Group on March 7th 2018. It features material from my Atargatis book and served as part of the extended launch process that had begun at the Glastonbury Occult … Continue reading

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Magical Timing & Personal Synchronicity Rune Soup Interview

Tweet Rune Soup March 1st Interview   I was fortunate to have another chat with Gordon White about my Atargatis book. I spoke to him last November about the extensive process involved in the creation of the cover. This time … Continue reading

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Atargatis Book Now Available

Tweet     My new book is now available on Amazon UK and USA. Buy the Book on Amazon UK Buy the Book on Amazon USA. 350 pages. £15.99   From the back cover. A wild story of complete immersion … Continue reading

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Nicholas Roerich Video Presentation.

Tweet   I recently did a presentation for the Glastonbury Positive Living Group on the life and work of mystical artist explorer Nicholas Roerich who quested in search of Shambhala. His concept of Art for Peace inspired an international pact … Continue reading

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Atargatis Rune Soup Interview

Tweet I have been engaged throughout 2017 in writing a book named Atargatis. As always, the cover imagery is very important to me. I am very lucky to be able to call on the services of the prodigiously talented Yuri … Continue reading

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St George and Glastonbury

Tweet     St George is the patron saint of England. He is known primarily for slaying a dragon with a spear and most versions of any story of his life one is likely to read will tell how he … Continue reading

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Joseph of Arimathea and the Soul Poetry of Glastonbury

Tweet   Today March 17th, as well as being the famous Feast of St Patrick, is also one of the feast days of Joseph of Arimathea and it is a date on which I always pause to contemplate him. There … Continue reading

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Star of Ishtar True Will Self Divination Video Presentation

Tweet   In 1992, in the midst of a Babylonian past-life saga and the energy blast of initiation into Reiki and Osho Sannyas, I experienced a coming together of all my interests in time and synchronicity into a system of … Continue reading

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