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Hello from Glastonbury, the mystical capital of Britain. I am an author, lecturer, Tour Guide, Blog Talk Radio presenter, and general disseminator of an exceptionally wide range of transformational ideas from both western and eastern paths.

In  the last thirty-four years, I have gained a Degree in the Study of Comparative Religion, worked as a Hypnotherapist, become a Reiki Master, Priest of the Fellowship of Isis, member of the Druid Clan of Dana, and Osho sannyasin. I have extensively studied and gained experience in the work of the two great twentieth century masters of western occultism, Aleister Crowley, and Dion Fortune. I have unleashed the power within on an Anthony Robbins firewalking event, sat silently for many darshans with Mother Meera, and experienced outlandish paranormal events through Psychic Questing with noted historical mysteries researcher Andrew Collins. Along the way I have also been significantly influenced by Colin Wilson, Wilhelm Reich, Adi Da Samraj, CG Jung, Jose Arguelles, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, GI Gurdjieff, and PD Ouspensky.

 During all that time, whilst often working in offices and factories to fund my interests, my most consistent passion was for the Somerset town of Glastonbury. Initially I attended 8 of the famous festivals until the greater mystique of the place pulled me in and I made it my home in 1995.


Having been a notably unfit psychedelic enthusiast at the age of 19, I am now, at age 58, a non-smoking, teetotal, drug-free, inner runner, a condition necessary to be an effective father of 2 young children.



Age 19. I have to admit, I did inhale.

By my early thirties, I had changed my lifestyle somewhat.

In Egypt in 2009 during the writing of my Aleister Crowley book.

Now it’s time to build a better world for these guys.

During my first four years in Glastonbury, I put on just over one hundred public lectures and presentations. An average of one every two weeks. I then moved into a serious writing phase that eventually resulted in my 6 books.





Usually featuring outstanding cover art to my design from Glastonbury artist Yuri Leitch, they deal with numerous cult figures and topics of perennial appeal expressed in a way that renders them accessible to a wider audience.


“Paul Weston is, evidently, ‘a man whose time has come’.”

The concentration of material is astonishing.”

“The whole vibe of your work is like a consciousness expanding bomb that’s detonated deep inside my brain. I have only ever experienced that with such explosive impact in Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson.”


The energy and inspiration to fulfill these projects was centred around my ongoing diverse but complementary disciplines of massive regular input from Anthony Robbins (including a firewalk event) and darshans with Mother Meera.




Om Namo Bhagavate Mata Meera


About half way through the writing of Avalonian Aeon, I wondered how I would feel when I finally held a copy of it in my hand? A powerful idea inspired me. On that future day I would immediately take the book up to the top of Glastonbury Tor, holding it aloft, all the way. As I approached the summit, I would switch on my favourite motivational piece of music, Move Any Mountain by The Shamen on headphones, and finally circle the Tor tower, brandishing the book to the sky as the anthemic sounds blasted through my head. I figured this would be a magnificent unforgettable experience that would anchor such a big event in my life firmly in the emotional memory bank. Coming back to the idea helped me to push on and finally complete the project. On the morning of June 4th 2010, I lived my dream.


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Prayer by Alex Grey


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5 Responses to About Paul

  1. Alison Haythornthwaite says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just dropping a line to say hello, obviously a blast from the past from sunny Essex!. Congratulations on your books & fulfilling your dreams.
    Please pass my regards to Alex if your still in touch
    Enjoy the transit of Venus x
    With love Al x

  2. tryg nes says:

    Mother is wonderful

  3. Reiki Cursos says:

    Very interesting. Thank you!

  4. Harry says:

    Dear Paul,
    Just listening to your video talk about JCP’s “Glastonbury Romance”. Thought i’d reach out, as a fellow Jung enthusiast (and, incidentally, a theatre director who once staged a full production of Wolfram’s Parzival myth). 25 years ago I lived on Portobello Road opposite a weekend book stall. Once and once only in my life have i felt a book call to me tell me to buy it. It was at that book stall, a copy of WOLF SOLENT by JCP. Reading it had a profound effect on me at the time, and a few days ago i had the impulse to pull it of the shelf and re-read. I fetched it just now, and while idly watching the Test match decided to put JCP’s name into You Tube, which is where I found you. Enjoying your mysterious ramble! Best Wishes, Harry

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